We have just been informed by our Host about this:

I have just learnt from our provider at NAC that a major change is coming. Some of you may know that we purchase our servers via Pegasus Technologies who work out of NAC. Pegasus have built their own multi-million dollar carrier class facility about 30 minutes away from NAC. The new facility still uses NAC as a bandwidth carrier but also adds quality connections to aboveNET and UUNET.

Pegasus have kept this all very hush-hush for reasons of their own but I have just been informed that all our servers (that's all shared and reseller server servers apart from Lamda and Iota) at NAC are being moved on Saturday night around midnight. Downtime will be a few hours unfortunately as the servers need to be physically transported to the new data center.

This down time is not controlled by us we do apologies for any inconvinience.