Finally, Aria Skins are coded up for vBulletin 4!! It took a lot of effort and time to code Aria as it was really complicated skin with lots of customization.

Five Aria Skins : Aria, Aria Carbon, Aria Chocolate, Aria Citrus and Aria Sand are available for purchase. You can check out the demos here.

For a limited time, I have created discount vouchers for Aria styles as follows:
  1. Aria - c7220db6f87def69
  2. Aria Carbon - 636d2cdd6910dc78
  3. Aria Chocolate - ac4499e5b179102c
  4. Aria Citrus - f621968147f842ef
  5. Aria Sand - 860eb7ab328f9d13
If you have any feedback or questions, please feel to join the discussion.

Thank you,