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    Miko where are you? I won't be happy if that echeque payment clears and I get charged twice.

    If paypal think you guys have gone AWOL your account may be frozen, just friendly advice.

    Well, my simple support request went unresponded to by me for three days and is now closed.
    I never received a response from you (vbstyles) though?

    Support at this site is slowly declining. Is this the beginning of the end? That would be a shame as I felt you had some of the best styles out there.

    I like a normal forum just for support. It's the easiest way to ask for help and others may know the answer to the solution and help.

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    I think bug tracker is the best so far, however I feel that adding a live chat support system would be great (perhaps via IRC) or something like that. Not only that you can give support over IRC youu can also allows other members to to go into live discussion. If you are interested in setting up a channel for vbstyle just let me me, you can always use our server as your support platform by connecting to or or ... even your own (Not that it is not possible, I will provide you the IP of my IRCD, so that you can use as cnames pointing to our server and allowing your members to connect using
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