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  1. I love my Tech Two skin! 
    Just wanted to drop by and say how pleased I am with the Tech Two skin I'm using. I was after a skin that was modern, but functional as many of my members are retired so I didn't want anything too funky, or difficult to read. After much searching I 'discovered' Tech Two here, and went with it.

    The response from the members has been great. They love the look and feel of the site, and I've not had one complaint. You can see it in action at: thelonearrangers dot com

    I had a couple of questions before buying, about the integration of it in vBAdvanced, and Miko was right on the ball and put my mind at rest.

    Great product, great service and credit where it's due!



    Quote Originally Posted by crazy_awper View Post
    Thanks guy,and nice to meet you ,good luck to you,all the best!

    Thanks and nice to meet you and same good luck to you!


  3. I love my Tech Two skin 
    They are just fabulous The sale theyre having right now is awesome and this is some of the nicest copper green Ive had in a while Not to mention the Opal Yellow. Thanks you two You rock

  4. I also like the skins. 
    Just wanted to say that you have some really nice looking skins
    I especially like the blue color skins. Good layouts aswell!
    Thanks for the designs guys

    really good skin

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