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    The responses are so slow that I took a 3.7 b4 skin free from somewhere else and upgrading the fixes myself. It's a pain, but then again, it's helping me learn to tweak the system better.

    Quote Originally Posted by gforce75 View Post
    Ya I wish we would have something to work with for 3.7 Doesn't have to be perfect, but just getting the new navigation and basic skins for the areas would work, plus it could allows us to report bugs on the go.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomeeboy View Post
    I'd really like to see a 3.7 version of Greenfox sometime before the final version of 3.7 is out. There are too many incompatibilities between the 3.6.8 skin and vB 3.7 Beta 4 to use it right now and we were hoping to make that the default skin for our newly upgraded forums :\

    I would think that it would be safe to modify the styles for vB 3.7 once we get a release candidate, since there likely won't be many significant changes after that. Perhaps something to consider if there won't be any further updates while we're still in beta, eh Miko

    BTW.. thanks for getting me access to the new member area. MUCH BETTER!
    im waiting for green fox also to go 3.7.0 to buy it :Ouch:

    any time frame on aria for 3.7 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by odonel View Post
    any time frame on aria for 3.7 ?
    so far it looks like Aria will be updated when vbulletin 3.7.0 turns gold.

    but i think for most forums eg: mine lol that rely on the Aria style should at least get a beta aria style.

    im getting to the stage where im going to have to pay someone to upgrade aria for me, im sick of members hounding me.

    i also see lots of members starting to settle for new styles that are not vbstyles skins, lets hope vbstyles dont lose money from not upgrading :Ouch:

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