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    Quote Originally Posted by gfxguy
    Anyway, I've made my opinion know so I'll stop bitching now
    same here... I have no beef with anyone either, so let's let it be. It's their site- they can set the rules and it's up to them to decide how to treat their customers.

    Hey guys,

    Honestly, I really don't think either of you are bitching here... and there's no need to stop the debate... you are simply offering your valid opinions on these matters and that is absolutely fine... I totally agree that you are entitled to voice your opinion and it is good that you let it be known how you feel. I am certain Miko will agree.

    However, all I am stating is... private forum or not... vBstyles is requesting that they are made aware as to where their products are being installed and used so they can check the validity of sites possibly reported to them who may not have legally purchased vBstyles products.

    Ask vBulletin themselves; a method of checking for illegal theft, software copying and internet piracy is by product valildation... a method of validating products is to know where your products are legally installed so you can cross reference. If you had invested many hours/days/weeks into developing a product, then I am certain you would think in the same manner as vBstyles.

    URL, IP address, Bank details... it's all the same really... take MS XP... do you use that? what do you think MS check for on your PC...?? if you do not validate that your copy of XP has been legally purchased - you don't get to use it for more than (is it) 15 days?

    A large corporation introducing business rules and processes to protect themselves is no different from a much smaller company doing the same thing. It is not personal, it is sound business sense.

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