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    Hi All

    I thought I should pop in here and write a little note for you all about my 'customised vB template and www site design' experiences with vBStyles - and especially about Miko, who is someone of a calibre one doesn't come across very often in this business, and I can tell ya, is one heck of a special guy.

    I had been running my forum on phpBB for around 18 months, and although this BB application was functioning adequately - that was it, my forum was growing at a much fatser rate than I had anticipated, and so adequately wasn't quite enough for me at this time and I simply wanted more. Don't get me wrong, as a free open-source application phpBB served me very well for 18 months, but I knew it was time for me and my site to move on to better things. So, I decided to take a closer look at both IPB and vB. 32 seconds later, once the decision had been made I knew that vB was the way forward and decided that I would not (re)launch my site on vB without a new skin/template/theme and once again began reading the threads we have all read over on, and vBT et al. It soon became apparant to me at least - that at that time there were only really two or three serious contenders for customised design, and I decided to contact this chap by the name of Miko here at vBStyles.

    After sending an initial email which was repsonded to very quickly, it was obvious to me yet again that there really was no point in my contacting any other designer as my mind was already made up as to who I was going to use as my site customised vB template designer. Miko was indeed that man.

    I was really excited at the prospect of for the first time, having my own customised web site design, a look that no-one else would have - and all designed by a professional designer/coder for me... my site... something of which I was very proud of and had built up from scratch was getting a new lease of life... I was really excited.

    I am a Project Manager by profession, and as such I am used to working in business and commerce with with contracts and associated paraphanalia. Miko didn't let me down. Before any work was started, I received a proposal/contract via email that contained everything I had expected... all my expectations and requirements were contained in that document and nothing had been missed.

    The initial part of the process was for me to articulate back to Miko what I liked, the sort of effect I wanted to achieve, the look and feel of what I found appealing and what impression I might like to see replicated in people when they viewed my new design. To be honest, I personally found this exerecise quite a difficult thing to do... however I persevered and sent Miko my thoughts and suggestions in a document; I pointed to some sites I liked the look of, told him what colours and gradient effects I would like to see used and what impression I wanted visitors to have (and to take away with them) when they visited my site. I created quite a long document that I remember thinking... "sheesh, Miko is going to have a fit when he reads this!!!"

    I was totally astounded when Miko sent me his first Adobe/PSP screenshots of what he had created based on my written down minds-eye representation. It was exactly as I had anticipated... created the exact look and feel that I was hoping for and I was obviously delighted.

    The design proceeded form there with general tweaks and fine tuning, but essentially the final design was almost the same as the initial screenshots and layouts... Miko had captured what I wanted for my www site brilliantly and accurately.

    At all times during this process Miko was a true gentleman. He appreciated that not everyone likes to send money to people one has never met, to companies half way around the world who you haven't had delaing with before. He understands the passion one feels for ones own www site and that a (re)design is perhaps more critical than a new launch. I felt comfortable all through the process, all the way. I was never 'not knowing' of the status and situation, I was always informed of what was happening... and everything was sent to me packaged up and ready to be installed - which Miko also did for me!!!

    So there you have it... and nope, Miko has neither paid me nor asked me to write this testimonial. I do so willingly and with pleasure.

    You only have to take a look at the commercial designs available here on vBStyles to see the quality of work that goes into creating them, but if you want a cusom look and feel for your www site then look no further than here... in my experience, vBStyles are simply a breed apart when it comes to Customer Service, managing client expectations, and most importantly - delivery. You may get great design and great service from other vB designers - but I guarantee that nothing will match the experience of the design process with vBStyles and their charismatic designer... Miko.

    If anyone want additional information in making your decision which company to use for your design or vB Skin (though I am not sure you'll need it if you've read this far!!!) I am more than happy to provide whatever it is that you need. I can be contacted at; (Spam Killer app running on this account so your mail may get zapped and I might not pick it up straight away!!)... or alternatively

    I hope that provides a good insight into what YOU can do for your site with vBStyles... good luck with your selection...

    wow that sure was a long post running out of breath whilst reading it lol... but anyway yes i agree the much quality that goes into their designs. Thsi company in my opinion would be the one to choose for custom design anyway. Also Music man i think that post will teach others and you will get aloot of oppinions.

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    Wow now thats a long story with a lot of good contents

    I decided to let vbstyles make a custom design for my forum as well. I send an email few days ago, hope they respond quickly
    From what i can read here, and see, you cant go wrong with this company. I will be glad to post my own experience and impressions here some day

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