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    Danny Boy Guest
    First off I would like to introduce myself,
    I'm Danny Boy and I will be working here and help with customer support and coding.
    Second I would like to announce the php Help Desk will no longer function as it has caused more problems than help user in getting faster support.
    Many of the mail sent by the help desk never got delivered and some of the tickets where un accessible making it pretty useless.
    We have decided to go back like we used to be having separate support forums for each individual skin.
    The forum are private so only customers can view the posts in them.
    I hope that with this new system we will be able to offer you a better and faster support.

    If you still have some unsolved issues/tickets please let me/us know and I/we will do my best to get back at you as soon as possible.

    Please use the new forums for General Skins Support.
    If you require installation service or custom modification please use the Private Support forum,
    you will be the only one able to view your post.


    Monkey Guest
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    Welcome Danny Boy, I'm glad you guys are improving support I was never a big fan of the help desk!

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    Welcome Danny Boy

    I will like to add that until the end of the month (Novemeber) every new skin purchase will receive a free skin.

    that is buy 1 get 1 free for the next 10 days.



  4. Free Skin 
    So how do I get the free skin?

    I'm having trouble installing - where's the "installation guide" I was supposed to get? :-P

    I guess due to the changes some things take a bit longer....

    Can i have your attention please on this post:

    11-13-2004, 08:17 AM i made that thread, the last answer is from Steven W, i replied and then: NOTHING....

    On the 13th i also received an email with a support ticket wich is NEVER answered, the supportticketnr#949753)

    It's now 11-30 and i hope somebody from the team finaly help me....


    Danny Boy Guest
    Iacas simply use the private support forum and ask for the free skin , please make sure to include your email and paypal invoice number.

    Hotbirds i fixed that post for you earlier today.

    Danny Boy

  7. Header 

    I have the HexVision style, it looks great! I was wondering if you can make me a custom forum name not the one that says "Vbulletin styles". The name of my forum is Club Insider.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Miko
    Welcome Danny Boy

    I will like to add that until the end of the month (Novemeber) every new skin purchase will receive a free skin.

    that is buy 1 get 1 free for the next 10 days.


    Damn... I guess I missed out on this by a week or so then... darned it. What free skin did I miss...???

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