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  1. Smile Aria 3.6.0 & vBadvanced CMPS integration Guide Discussion 
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    You can use this thread to discuss the Aria 3.6.0 & vBadvanced CMPS integration Guide announcement.

    Please do not use this thread to post troubleshooting queries or bug reports.
    For troubleshooting and bug reporting, please use either the actual Guide thread:

  2. Question CMPS integration (Who can do it?) 
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    Understand, I only D/L'd and installed vB only 3 weeks ago. I'd never heard of sql, or php, or cPanel or any of those things. Thus, that'll sorta give you an idea of my knowledgebase for the moment.:mellow:

    I am wondering if others here were to hire someone to perform the modifications outlined in MIKO's post, WHO would you get to do it?(That is, assuming MIKO's not for hire.):Confused:

    Anyway I'd love to get all those things done, but I'm pretty gun-shy about all this. As long as it's working (i.e. mods, changes, etc) all's well, but the first time something goes off into the ditch...UH OH. I'll be calling for my last backup to save me.:Shocked:

    Anyway, if you-all don't know of anyone offhand you would have do it, are there places on the net to hire folks that do this sort of thing?

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