Hi everyone,
I wanted to inform you that I'm finally back and ready to take care of any issue that might be still standing.
I would like to thank you John and Mikelweb for the great job they have done here during my absence.

I would like to share with you what I have planned for 2006 and especially the next few months in order of priority.
  1. All remaining skins that are not yet ported to vbulletin 3.5.3 will be converted ASAP.
  2. A complete redesign of our website and the implementation of a better shopping cart
  3. Several new skins are in the work and will be released during the course of the year.
Aria, Tech 2, Satellite and Element skins updates to vbulletin 3.5.3 are available for download in the members area.

I would like to outline our Customer Charter for 2006

Forum responses and Customer pre-sale enquiries pledge:
  • We will endeavour to be online on vBStyle.com on Monday through Friday frequently, for varying durations between the hours of 8:00 to 22:00 (GMT+09.30)
  • We will respond to Customer support threads within 24 hours on Monday through Friday, and within 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday.
  • We will respond to all vBStyles.com specific posts and threads within 2 working days or sooner (48 hours or sooner).
  • We will respond to all general posts and threads on our forums within 5 working days.
  • We will make best endeavours to be online on vBStyles.com during Saturday and Sunday
  • Official Working Days are Monday through Friday.
We hope this charter sets out clearly what it is we will do for you and within what time frame. We look forward to your support.

Many thanks and best wishes