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    Sorry but you did ask,

    Having followed the short single page install instructions for the Aria sand install I think that you tech guys need to come down to earth to our peasant level, and offer a proper guided install.

    I purchased the Aria sand skin and with it came the install instructions as below:

    Extract the zip files to a folder on your computer [ok followed that part]

    Upload the image folder "aria" to your forums "images" directory. Ex: [So I was initially looking for the images folder instead of the "aria" folder!!!]

    Anyway, I uploaded the whole "aria" folder to the forum/images directory as per the instructions

    Next instructions you offer are a little bit vague...

    Login to your Admincp in your vBulletin Forum and Click on "Style & Templates" to expand the menu.

    In the expanded menu click on "Download / Upload Styles" , a new page will load.

    In the new page look for: "Import Style XML File" click on browse and point it to the .xml file that you want to install [What files do I want to install???]

    Press IMPORT to complete the installation

    The next set of your instructions are classics:

    In AdminCP click on Plugin System

    Click on Manage Products

    In the Manage Products page click on [Add/Import Product]

    Browse to the folder where you extracted the zip file and select:


    Click import.

    [BUT in vBulletin there are various options that you seen to have missed out]

    I'm sorry to say this, but being very honest, your install instructions are total cr*p, and the reason why your bulletin Board is filled with users asking for furthur help and assistance.

    My latest site now has a additional vbstyles skin missing the navbar and the upper banner and I'm not impressed.

    I have wasted two nights trying to sort the problems out to no avail and I'm not happy!!!

    For the sake of proper install instructions, and you guys know the installs on the back of your hands, BUT I and many other users DON'T!

    Would love to see how you drive your new car with a single page and very vague instruction manual: open door, get in the car, put keys in, close the doors, and drive forwards remembering to change gears unless it's a auto

    The the old saying, 'it's only easy if you know the answer' comes to mind?

    The point is, we, as paying end users, need MORE precise install instructions than the vague info you are providing.

    Being blunt, your current install information is just not good enough...

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    Hi night owl,
    thank you for the feedback.
    You are the first of thousands customers that had problem following the instruction and I'm sorry about that.
    I wish you had contacted us or asked for help in the support forums or help desk instead of wasting 2 nights over it :P as I'm sure we could have helped you in no time.....
    I will see if I can improve the installation instruction and make them a bit more visual so that "everyone" will be able to follow them without problems.

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