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    Since the site restarted, I haven't been able to log in to my account or access the style that I had purchased in October '03. However, since I no longer used the style, I didn't want the extra hassle of having to chase anyone to sort things out for me.

    A topic cropped up at mentioning the poor customer service they had received, so I mentioned my issue in that thread. Within 24 hours, Miko replied to the thread apologising for the inconvenience that I'd had - explained why it had happened and set my account up once again with access to the style that I had originally purchased.

    Minimal hassle to me, all I did was send him my paypal invoice information via e-mail incase he wanted proof of purchase.

    Top service, friendly, professional and fair. It's great to see that there are still honest vB skinners out there.!
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    thank you Oblivion Knight for the nice comment

    ive seem to notice them to sort out any problems and they do it quickly and efficiently thats what makes them so good. However, after all this hard work i think they deserve good commends and praise

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