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  1. what the heck... whats this? da........ 
    :lol: thank you for clicking on this thread ^_^ im pretty wise to have attracted you..

    VB styles is great, i bougth my first skin a couple months ago but it turned out that it didnt fit with my website so then a couple months later I bougth a new one and it looks great formated everything and bougth the thing where i have permission to remove it, becasue what i wanted to do was buy the skin and remove the style skined by vbstyles becasue i was going to re create the buttons, everything but though maybe i would be breaking the tos so i had then just told john i purchased for the thing where i have permisssion just so i don tget in trouble becasye i was going to leave the copyrigth thing on their but anyways,

    skin works great and im lloving it, thanks for the help John!! Awsome skin

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    hehe you almost got me for a moment
    thank you

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