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  1. A small modication to the hex10sion style 
    hey firts hi I have being coming to this place for sometime but I have made up my mind. and I am goin to buy the hex10sion legacy but I was wondering and I hope you dont charge me for this I run a megaman site and I was wondering if you can instead of the 3 pentagons shinning I can have a image of zero like my avatar and olso instead of the other 3 pentegons next to vBulletin styles I can have my sites name with a image of zero/ megaman character. and olso how early can get it when I purches it. Thanks again and I wait your reply

    Hi zero... welcome to vBStyles and we are glad you are hoping to buy the Hex10sion style.

    As far as I am aware, the 3 pentagons are embedded as part of the flash header for that theme and Miko will need to confirm this. However, you will certainly be able to change the text part of the header to whatever you want - text or images.

    Please let us know if you need anything else.


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    I all also reply on this one. Even though it is a flash header, it would be easy to add in a picture of your choosing. The only problem is that vBStyles might not do it for you. If they can't, then your only other option is joining a graphics forum and kindly ask someone there to do it.
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    allrigh thanks for the replys and I predicted some of these answer I just wanted to make sure.

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