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Cool movies I've found
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Updated 19-08-08 at 03:25 PM by Taragon



  1. Taragon's Avatar
    Awesome band, great song, awesome vid!

    Eluveitie - Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom:
  2. Taragon's Avatar
  3. Taragon's Avatar
    I haven't done this for Unreal Tournament 3, which would normally amaze people being an Unreal addict for over 5 years. However now, after seeing the cinematic trailers and previews of Blizzard's new upcoming game Diablo 3 I'm definitely thinking about upgrading my pc.

    Diablo III Cinematic Teaser
  4. Taragon's Avatar
    A bit rude, but totally awesome!

    Offensive Drawing
  5. Taragon's Avatar
    Bow hunters have competition
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